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Type 2 diabetes—time to change our approach : The Lancet

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Type 2 diabetes—time to change our approach : The Lancet.


Welcome to the Summer Fresh Produce Season

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Hooray, The farmer’s markets are back for the season and the fresh green produce is plentiful.  In my area of south suburban Mpls./St.Paul  nearby  markets in 4 locations Wed. thru Sunday.  Here in Minnesota the growing season is running about 2 weeks late due to our wet cool spring.

Question is, can you find “organically grown” produce at these farmer’s markets.   Most of these small independent growers do not have the resources to become certified organic.  However if you shop and talk to the various booths you can find those that follow organic growing practices.   A few even announce this with signs in their booths.   Talk to the growers, get to know your favorite people, get to know those  who are dedicated to chemical free produce.   Find out the history of their ground, When was the last use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, might they have contamination from nearby fields ?   Do you research you will make new friends and find the produce that is organic, but not “certified”  by an agency.   I have found many are very dedicated to sustainable organic farming, but cannot afford the time and money to be certified.  Can they be trusted  ?  Your call, but then can you trust programs because they are sanctioned by governmental approved agencies ?

Need to locate a Farmers market near you ? Go to or for Mpls and all other locations see the State of Minnesota web site :