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“Eat your Vegatables”

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Bill Nelson  the director of the Kimmel Cancer Center  at Johns Hopkins, an oncologist who specializes in prostate cancer.  Gives this simple advice to men about diet and prostate health.

“Most of our moms weren’t prostate cancer specialists, but it turns out they sure knew what they were talking about when they told us to “eat our vegetables.”That was “then” and this is NOW… and NOW science is backing up mom’s advice.

 Research has shown us that fruits and vegetables have nutrients that help decrease cancer risk.Tomatoes are a perfect example. In tomatoes we find lycopene. It’s what gives tomatoes their rich, red color. Men who have high levels of lycopene show low levels of prostate cancer.

In a study of prostate cancer patients who ate foods with tomato based sauces over a three-week span before surgery to remove their prostate gland, the disease had become less severe.

If tomatoes aren’t on your favorite food list, leafy, green vegetables like broccoli, kale and cabbage have also been linked in lowering prostate cancer risk.

On the flip side… how and what you eat could increase your chances of prostate cancer…

And remember, most of us consume a pound and a half to two pounds of food each day — that introduces a very complicated mixture of chemicals… and that’s before you cook it.

Studies have shown that eating a lot of red meat raises the odds of prostate cancer.

AND the WAY you cook it is important too.

Grilling at high temperatures or charcoal broiling burns the meat.  It’s those charred bits that contain a carcinogen called PhIP… spelled P-H-I-P.

Scientists are now studying ways to measure levels of PhIP in the body, so that doctors can better predict your prostate cancer risk.

That old saying, “You are what you eat” is turning out to be a key ingredient to controlling cancer.

“Mom” had it right, all along!! “

So many guys talk about how they are “meat and potatoes “  type of an eater.  They don’t eat many vegetables or fruits and according to most research are putting themselves at greater risk for prostate health problems as they age.

There is a simple solution, Supplements.  If you  or someone you know doesn’t like eating  veggies you still can get those important healthy nutrients by taking a daily supplement in pill form.  You can get your missing lycopene and carotenoids in these two Shaklee products.   Vitalizer and CarotoMax.   So if you or someone you know doesn’t eat many veggies educate them on why they need the nutrients and suggest they begin a supplement regime to provide those ever so important nutrients.


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